The All-in-One Company App

The All-in-One Company  have been busy creating the perfect onesies for people all over the world for the last 5 years.

Let us tell you a story about The All-in-One Company and how they make your onesies come to life.  The All-in-One Company specialise in bespoke onesie design.  They allow you yourself to become the designer and it starts with a few simple clicks…Your choice of an amazing array of sizes, fabrics and colours starts your all-in-one journey. From simple and classy to completely bonkers, it’s completely up to you.  Try all kinds of combinations. Try dinosaur ears with leopard tails, or maybe antennae with a piglet tail, a fox tail, a lamb tail the choice is yours. Let alone hoods, feet and pockets – oh my!  All that’s left to do is to sit back and relax while our trusty team get to work. Add a sprinkle of magic and your totally bespoke all-in-one is ready for you!

Hugely successful the company is now making all-in-ones for people of all ages and sizes all over the world. Ethically hand-made with love, in the UK, and delivered world-wideall-in-one_appstore_images

The All-in-One Company™ approached Optima to provide an app that allows people to upload and share pictures and videos with the company and their friends as part of The All-in-One Adventure.  The All-in-One Adventure is a community within The All-in-One Company where they invite their customers to be part of The All-in-One Family and share photographs.  The result was a clean and easy to use app that allows their customers to show themselves wearing their onesie. It is currently available for Apple devices.

all_in_oneThe app integrates directly with The All-in-One Company  website to show the latest news, offers and events.

Kate Dawson the founder of The All-in-One Company  said “We approached Optima on the recommendation of our web site developers.  Optima have helped us throughout the entire process, from defining the requirements through to the submission of the app to Apple. They have helped us get the right look and feel for the app, keeping it simple and clean. It maintains our strong brand identity and we are very pleased with the results”

January 22, 2014 by Steve Walker