Darren Completes Expenses

Wow, Just Wow!


Stop the press! After approximately 7 months Darren Forrest has finally completed his expenses!

Let’s just say Darren has a bit of a track record in his lack of administration activities but this day is monumental.

Ian Cowlishaw said “I thought this day would never come. After recently completing his credit card expenses which were only 5 months out of date, to get these so soon is a total shock to the system. I think I might even buy a lottery ticket”

Darren who has spent approximately 27 working days at home claiming to do these expenses, including weekends has finally come through. The lure of commission to the current Mrs Forrest and the kids has meant them being instrumental in this historical day.

Darren said ” I can’t believe this day has come either, it’s nothing short of a miracle. To finally get Ian off my back is a huge relief and I’m hoping next time I’ll keep on top of them so he doesn’t keep going on about them”

With all of the money claimed Darren is hoping to but a new steering rack for Jo’s car. “It’s gone for the fourth time in as many years……….I’m never buying another Ford again” Darren said.

March 17, 2016 by Ian Cowlishaw