Cooper Security 2Way Keyfob

2way keyfob 1One of the numerous products that Optima have designed for Cooper Security is the new 2-Way keyfob that is compatible with both the i-on and Menvier product ranges.

We developed the device from concept sketch level through a number of digital and physical prototypes to fully2way keyfob 2 realised, tool ready, CAD data. The final product efficiently used space to house a complex component set within an attractive and robust clamshell assembly.

One critical area of the design was the touch and feel of the plastic button deformation providing a positive contact and feedback for the four internal switches. In order to achieve the desired effect we undertook analysis to assist with material selection and wall thickness, utilising the inherent properties of the material to reduce component count.

7_3921_eThe PD6662:2010 compliant keyfob has been designed to optimise radio range and extend battery life via an easily replaceable button cell, ensuring the device surpasses performance expectations of a radio control device of this type. The Keyfob was successfully launched in 2011.

March 6, 2015 by Ian Cowlishaw