CacheABLE Kinetic – Bluetooth Geocaching


/ What is Geocaching? //

Geocaching is an activity enjoyed by some 20m participants across the globe. It is an outdoor hunt where small parcels, boxes or other sealed containers are placed for other ‘Cachers’ to find.

Once found, the Cacher records what they find inside and replace the Cache with another interesting item for other seekers to find. It works on a mixture of Geo Location GPS and written, clues which are left for the seekers. The uniqueness of the Cache authenticates that the seeker has found the Cache and can be verified by the person who placed it.

/ What is CacheABLE Kinetic? //

CacheABLE Kinetic is a Patent Pending next generation caching activity where the user places a unique CacheABLE Low Power Bluetooth unit, about the size of a pebble, in a chosen location. The unit is unique to the ‘owner’ and has a unique user profile. It is linked to the owners digital presence where all of their Caching activity, videos, photos, comments and other rich content is stored

An authenticated user logs on to the CacheABLE website, downloads the bespoke app, and chooses a particular Cache location or locations, they are then given Geo Coordinates and a prompt. The user seeks the Cache using a mixture of the Geo Coordinates, and the unique inbuilt close proximity function of the app to find their chosen CacheABLE Kinetic.


Once the unit is located, rich-content is unlocked in the app, including info about previous finders, photos, videos, media, comments and profiles. The ‘owner’ of the device also gets alerted that their device has been found, and can interact online with the finder. It’s an exchange of rich user generated content unique to, and contained within the system. The device is small, durable, safe and can be hidden almost anywhere. It is also secure and uniquely encoded so it cannot be used for other purposes, or by an unregistered user.


 It’s a great social way to get out and enjoy the countryside or urban landscape, a challenging healthy activity perfect for Individuals, families, school groups, scouts, sports clubs, cycling clubs and more. …

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January 22, 2014 by Steve Walker