Evolution Power Tools

EVOLUTION POWERTOOLSEvolution Power Tools are a UK company based in Sheffield with over 20 years’ experience in the power tool market. Optima have been a supplier to Evolution for nearly a decade, initially helping with the design of innovative power tool product concepts.

Recently we have been providing design engineering resource on the Macallister and JCB mitre-saw. Optima assisted in the design of various elements of the tool including the handle. The handle is comprised of complex surfaces that enable the user to use with either left or right hand, making it a unique proposition in a marketplace, eager for innovation.

EVOLUTION POWERTOOLS2Design Director, Sam Rees says:

“Optima have worked with Evolution Power Tools on several projects. The highly competent team means we can design complex products with the knowledge that they will do a great job. Their responsiveness has helped us to meet tight deadlines time and time again.”

April 27, 2015 by Ian Cowlishaw