Optima Guitar Tuner

It’s an iPhone Guitar Tuner, iPad Guitar Tuner, iPod Guitar Tuner and Android Guitar Tuner

Optima Guitar Tuner is a real-time chromatic tuner for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices. It is rated 4+ stars on the Apple AppStore!


optima guitar tuner

To date the Guitar Tuners has had over 125,000 downloads across the globe.

This real time analyser listens through your device microphone as you play your instrument to determine how in-tune it is.

  • Real-time frequency display
  • Real-time cent display
  • Note and Octave displayed
  • Option to invert the colours on the main screen
  • Supports rotation
  • Defaults to A440 reference pitch but allows you to change this.
  • EADGBE Tuner that shows target frequency
  • Guitar audio samples so you can hear what an open string should sound like.
  • An EADGBE tuner that shows target frequency for beginners, also plays guitar sample sounds of open strings.

Look at some of the reviews that the Guitar Tuner App has had…..

Excellent guitar tuner app for iPhone and iPad  – 5 stars by High E – Feb 2014

Accurate and easy to use. Tunes acoustics or elecs. equally well. Frequency pitch tuner extremey useful when changing strings. Recommended. R. H.

Excellent app!! – 5 stars by Haplo1 – Aug, 2013

I have this on my iPhone and iPad. Even without being plugged in and amped up it still picks up the sound waves from an electric guitar. I’ve not used my regular tuner for ages. Also great for learning notes on string positions by ear as it is very accurate.

First Class – 5 stars by sand02 – Aug, 2013

Has helped me no end helping my young son with no need to buy an expensive tuner, recommended.

Visit the AppStore for more information about the Optima Guitar Tuner or check out the dedicated Optima Guitar Tuner website or like the Facebook page.

August 6, 2013 by Ian Cowlishaw