Scantronic Xcel PIR Sensor Design

The Scantronic Xcel series of detectors introduced a new housing for wired and wireless and pet tolerant PIRs. (Passive Infra-Red). They encompassed some market leading functions including,

  • Advanced design with 30% range improvement; greater performance for improved security.
  • Consistent and 50% improved coverage due to advanced spherical lens design, five layers of beams and dual element sensors.
  • Unobtrusive design using high quality PC/ABS materials with superior surface quality, rigidity and uniformity of color.PIR MOCK.96

Optima were approached to provide ground up design which not only ensured adherence to family style, but also ensured that the desire for market leading functionality was respected.

A range fully detailed CAD models were formulated in Pro/Engineer Wildfire, which were subsequently refined using high quality rendering, and physical rapid prototypes. The approach ensured that a full picture of both aesthetic and functional considerations was formed. The Stereolithography and 3-axis machined prototypes also allowed for conformance testing, which gave confidence that the devices would pass official certification.


When the range was successfully launched in 2008 it was fully compatible with with all Scantronic and Menvier alarm panels. The PIR sensor design remains a reliable and consistent seller within the specialist security systems market.


August 19, 2015 by Steve Walker