2 Way Keyfob.

Alarm Remote Control Unit.


Optima were engaged as a partner by Cooper Security to develop a new remote control keyfob for the ABUS Secvest security system. Cooper Security have a longstanding relationship with the European client and sought Optima’s plastic engineering skills to develop, prototype and produce tool data for their new product.


Optima engineered the device, taking concepts generated by Allen Design through a number of digital and physical prototypes to fully realised, tool ready, CAD data. The final product efficiently used space to house a complex component set within an attractive and robust clamshell assembly.


One particular engineering challenge was to ensure even light distribution from surface mount high intensity LED’s. A convoluted light pipe arrangement was developed which allowed the light to be displayed on the front face, but also stopped light bleed by using returns and cut through sections.

The activation buttons were developed as a twinshot moulding, improving tactile feedback and providing an attractive flush front to the housing.

Services Used

Industrial Design

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Concept Development

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Engineering Design

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