Com-Care Voice-garde.

Emergency call aid device.


Com-Care Voice-garde ™ is an innovative communication system that provides an essential lifeline for elderly or disabled people to call for help. Optima developed the technically challenging product from initial concept to full production in a very tight timeframe.


The system is worn as a simple pendant that communicates with the base station using DECT technology to provide full two-way communication. A key benefit to the users is that the technology is familiar, being that of a traditional phone, so no advanced knowledge of the system is required.


The Voice-garde™ home unit has the means to automatically dial out to a user-designated monitoring centre, or any of ten pre-programmable emergency contact telephone numbers, and can even interface with additional hardwired peripherals, such as external security/medical sensors or systems.

– The wearer has access to hands-free, two-way communication within the boundaries of the wireless operating system.
– The speaker housed within the pendant or pull-cord automatically operates in loudspeaker mode.
– The volume level can be pre-set by the user depending on its intended use. Voice-garde™ is the most technically advanced social alarm system to date.

Services Used

Industrial Design

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Concept Development

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Engineering Design

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