Litefirst® LED Garden Light.


Litefirst® is an all new, high specification lighting system that has been designed to be located in domestic gardens. The units are low profile, yet produce high quality light with broad ground coverage. The flexible securing system means the light can be used as a stem mounted, up-lighter, patio and wall mounted unit.

The revolutionary light engine combined with the latest technology in LED’s means the lights consume very little power, but produce bright and uniform light. Infact a whole garden can be lit with less that 35Watts or consumption.


Litefirst® and Optima have partnered on many projects over the years and approached Optima to design the enclosure to have a ‘premium’ look and feel. In response, our team created a modular light that utilised similar parts to create a range of flexible lighting options. This approch ensured the desired performance characteristics but reduced overall part count and tooling costs.


Presently the light design is in advanced development phase, including the testing of working prototypes and tuning of the lights to ensure optimal performance characteristics. The presentation models are to be used for initial promotional activity and to seek further funding to move the concept towards production.

This has been a great project for Optima. We followed a structured design process of primary meeting, brief generation, concept generation, concept development, electronic and PCB development, prototyping, testing, rendering and tool ready CAD issue.

Litefirst LED System

“I’ve worked with Optima on the design of electronic enclosures. I wanted a company that could design a great looking product and be simple to manufacture. I’m now looking to get the design into production and can’t wait to see the product for sale”

Keith Watkins, MD, Litefirst
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