Patent Box & R&D Tax Credits.

Take advantage of tax incentives to improve your competitive advantage and innovate in your market.

Did you know that there are government initiatives to help you improve your response to changing markets and benefit from innovation and investment in novel IP?

Please browse below to see how the incentives can be applied, and how they can lead to competitive advantage in your marketplace. As specialist in Product Development, we can help with the generation of qualifying IP and guide you through the full application process with our trusted financial specialists. We work in close conjunction with our sister company Inovasi to identify, analyse and maximise possible claims.

Benefits of R&D Tax Relief

Receive up to 33p for every £1 spent on R&D.
An Average claim of £50k+ with no minimum claim.
Any industry or sector can make a claim.

Benefits of the patent box scheme

Claim up to a 9% reduction on corporation tax for IP generated profits.
Protect your IP and aid your marketing with patents.
Despite the name it applies to more than just patents.


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Why Partner with an Innovation Firm?

R&D tax credits, patent box, and grant funding are all interrelated, and significantly influence one another. By strategically combining them in both receiving and claiming as well as opportunity identification, you are able to ensure you are always fully benefitting from the innovation tax-relief and funding.
We continually encourage all forms of innovation. By getting to know you and your business thoroughly, we are always trying to help it in any way we can, also we seek to find areas of collaboration between you and our partnered innovative companies.

Get rewarded for innovation
Get projects funded
Set your company up to be innovative from the ground up
Gain first to market competitive advantage
Lead new product development in your sector

Patent Box

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R&D Tax Credits

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