Prototyping and Testing

Validation of concepts through digital analysis and physical modelling.

As part of an integrated design process Optima can provide physical prototypes to validate both function and form. These are often crucial in a full product development cycle. The benefits of CAD driven rapid prototyping and testing techniques are numerous. Some of which include: reduced development time; safer, leaner and more visually sophisticated final products; functional prototypes for testing; convincing appearance prototypes; and prototypes that can be used for promotional activity and marketing.

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Prototypes provide an excellent development tool for initial testing, whether that be for mechanical characteristics, durability, ergonomic suitability or aesthetic considerations. Testing of development prototypes is often a crucial and valuable exercise to highlight any potential product issues, before the financial commitment of manufacturing transition. The approach is intended to reduce the requirement forĀ  remedial or mitigating action in latter stage development, where it can be disruptive, time consuming and costly.

We conduct preliminary testing in-house, but also partner with external specialist test houses who can offer mechanical, electrical, material and manufacturing reports and recommendations and industry specific certifications.

Analysis FEA

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IP Development

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