Warwick Music Ltd formulated an idea for a plastic trombone that would not only be lower cost and more durable than traditional brass instruments, but would also provide excellent sound quality and playability to be enjoyed by both professional musicians and children alike..pbone Large 1

This musician-led company approached Optima to help it develop and perfect the all plastic pBone and also design different ranges of the instrument on an ongoing basis.

pbone Large 2

Chris Fower, Director at pBone comments

“Working with Optima, who are based locally to us in the UK, has given us the ability to quickly take the musicians ideas and turn them into reality in a short space of time. Getting products made quickly using rapid prototype techniques has allowed us to get feedback straight away. Optima have always provided us with a quick and efficient service and their manufacturing knowledge has helped us to determine the most appropriate process.

Take a look at their great website to see more news and pictures of this first-to-market product www.pbone.co.uk

The pBone and Optima were also featured in Develop 3D magazine, please click here to view the article.

June 5, 2019 by Ian Cowlishaw