Case Studies


Plantar Deck Sports Equipment

The Pescredo Plantar Deck will be the worlds first advanced fitness tool designed to specifically target and strengthen the forgotten muscle groups of the intrinsic and extrinsic foot-ankle complex…..


Evolution Power Tools

Evolution Power Tools are a UK company based in Sheffield with over 20 years’ experience in the power tool market. Optima have been a supplier to Evolution for nearly a decade….


Cross Coupling Protectors

For over 20 years Styrecast have been developing, designing and manufacturing a wide range of components for down hole applications…

Product Design specialists since 1996

Optima has been designing and developing products since 1996. Our clients range from large multi-nationals, including BAE SYSTEMS, BiC, Rolls Royce, Cooper Security and Evolution Powertools, to individuals seeking to develop brand new innovative products and systems.

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With expertise in a wide range of industries and processes, which spans concept creation, product development, analysis, detailed design and manufacture, we can design your product to exacting requirements. Call now to discuss your project with one of our dedicated design and engineering team.