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CacheABLE Kinetic – Bluetooth Geocaching

/ What is Geocaching? // Geocaching is an activity enjoyed by some 20m participants across the globe. It is an outdoor hunt where small parcels, boxes or other sealed containers are placed for other ‘Cachers’ to find. Once found, the Cacher records what they find inside and replace the Cache with another interesting item for […]



A plastic trombone is used to teach children, by beginners and even professional musicians. A fun instrument that comes in a wide range of colours can take a few knocks……………

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Optima has been designing and developing products since 1996. Our clients range from large multi-nationals, including BAE SYSTEMS, BiC, Rolls Royce, Cooper Security and Evolution Powertools, to individuals seeking to develop brand new innovative products and systems.

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With expertise in a wide range of industries and processes, which spans concept creation, product development, analysis, detailed design and manufacture, we can design your product to exacting requirements. Call now to discuss your project with one of our dedicated design and engineering team.