The Development Process

Development Process

From concept through to delivery Optima follow six key steps during the development process of an application lifecycle. These are as follows:


This is the where you have an idea. It could be as simple as wanting an app to increase brand awareness like a game or useful utility where we offer some ideas or it could be an existing application idea that you want developing.

Optima will discuss the concept with you and provide an estimate of what it would cost to produce.


This is the contract between yourselves and Optima to protect your intellectual rights, your ideas and your products.

Documentation & Design

Once an agreement has been signed, Optima will produce a written specification detailing what the application will do, how it will look, via design guides and technical details. This is to ensure we are all on the same page before any development work begins.


We start the building phase of your application. We also send you beta versions of the application as it progresses past key areas.


The testing phase is critical to make sure the app functions as intended, has no memory leaks or bugs and conforms to Apple’s strict submission policy. We undertake internal testing using our rigorous test procedures prior to giving it to you to test.


We will help you set up your own Apple developer account so that you have complete control over your finished application on the app store, you will get access to sales and marketing reports as well as payment and banking logs provided by the Apple developer portal.