SE Controls – Installer Configuration Tool

Digital configuration tool to allow installers to preset automatic window operational characteristics.

About SE Controls

SE Controls is a leading international specialist in the design and delivery of intelligent smoke and environmental ventilation systems using façade automation as an integral part of the building envelope. They provide solutions for life-safety and environmental comfort within buildings, to create a healthier and safer environment whilst ensuring compliance with legislation and improving operating efficiencies.

Their comprehensive range is suitable for almost any size of building and is designed to facilitate the safe escape of personnel in the event of fire so as to aid firefighting in the early stages.

Their years of experience in this field gained over a 30 year period enables them to offer their clients complete turnkey solutions from the initial design right through to manufacture, installation and commissioning. They also provide on-going support in the form of maintenance and servicing throughout the lifetime of the building.


Optima was engaged by SE Controls to develop concepts for a installer specific calibration device. The device was intended to be simple to operate, robust and aesthetically attractive, conveying a perception of quality. The device would be used for an extensive period of time, in a variety of site environments. To be appropriate for such demanding use the enclosure had to be designed with durability and resistance to impact as a core consideration. The product also had to provide clear feedback to the installer during use, and allow for easy stowing, including the management of cabling and connectors to prevent damage.


A range of styling concepts were produced and refined using CAD and rendering software, alongside exploratory sketches and integration of PCB and control systems. The designs were refined to two variants which were developed to full CAD models, suitable for injection moulding. A variety of prototypes were produced which allowed for trialing of the devices to ensure fit and functionality of the components.

An integrated cable management and rubberized bumper was developed which provided both secure space for cable management and also acted to protect the device from damage.

To improve perceptions of quality, a soft touch finish was applied to the injection moulded components and a custom branded insert fascia plate was also developed and manufactured.

Services Used

Analysis FEA

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Mechanical Engineering

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Concept Development

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Concept Generation

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Prototyping and Testing

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Product Rendering

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