Security Keypads.

A range of security alarm keypads and panels.


One of our longest standing clients is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of security equipment for all types of commercial and domestic premises. It is the name behind Menvier Security and Scantronic, two of the most respected names in the pan-European security market.


For over a decade Optima has developed a variety of security keypads, ranging from high end, full featured products to, cost effective, discreet, entry level units. The systems have often been developed in partnership with PCB and Tooling specialists-with Optima providing services ranging from 3D concept and visual development to ‘tool ready’ enclosure components, which are fully detailed, drafted, and rationalised for volume production.

The enclosures often have inbuilt tamper and safety systems which have to undergo a wide range of rigorous industry tests and approvals prior to launch. As a result the component parts have to be carefully considered for their robustness and durability alongside their long term service requirements. As the enclosures are often installed in office and domestic situations their aesthetic, formal and surface qualities also have to be carefully examined with particular attention to finishes and subtle use of colour and lighting elements.


The products continue to be highly respected and have garnered a reputation for understated elegance, durability and ease of use amongst installers and users alike.

Services Used

Concept Development

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Industrial Design

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Mechanical Engineering

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