Digital Amplifier

46-120/240 four-zone, rack-mounting (2U) audio mixer amplifiers.


Cloud Electronics is a speciality manufacturer of high-quality commercial audio equipment, established in the 1970’s in Sheffield. It was formed at the height of the discotheque boom, specifically to provide this dynamic and growing industry with its own purpose-designed, professional audio solutions. Over the course of more than 40 years the demand for Cloud’s particular brand of “Clearly Better Sound” continues to grow and has earned its reputation of world-class reliability.

Cloud continues to expand its product range to meet the audio needs of many different forms of venue. Cloud equipment is now found in more than 100,000 premises around the world: from ocean liners to houses of worship, from five-star hotels to Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as the high street outlets of the world’s most well-known brands.

Core to the Cloud range are their renowned Digital Amplifier products. They have built an enviable reputation for reliability, durability and versatility over 4 decades of innovation.


Optima were approached to assist in the renewal of the 46-120 four-zone, rack-mounting (2U) audio mixer amplifier. Significant improvements and additions were added to the core component infrastructure of this established product to better meet evolving customer expectations. Correspondingly a revised housing was required which accommodated the enhanced functionality and output interface.

Optima took the core electronic development profiles and developed new sheet metal, machined and fabricated housings, in keeping with the brand ethos of simplicity, functionality and durability. The development also included power and heat management sub-frame components, safety covers and the redevelopment of graphic, labelling and branding elements.


Optima supplied detailed manufacturing and checking drawings, alongside supporting visuals and finalised graphic layouts for printing and branding.

The Cloud 46-120MK2 & 46-240 are ideal for any application where a powerful and versatile multi-zone mixer amplifier is required such as pubs, restaurants, bars, clubs and other entertainment locations, and also leisure and fitness centres, shops, offices, hotels, and similar public venues. It provides individual source selection and volume control of up to six audio sources and two microphone inputs across four zones. Each zone is provided with 120W or 240W (4ohm and/or 70/100V) output.

The 46-120MK2 & 46-240 Mixer Amplifier provides a feature-packed single-box solution for four zone venues of all sizes.


“Optima immediately understood our product constraints and requirements, and brought a great deal of design experience to the process of creating the new rack enclosure for the 46 Series mixer-amplifier models. This ensured smooth and efficient progress through the various stages of the design process; Optima’s team felt very much like an extension of our own in-house engineering resource. We were very happy with the results.”

Jon Spyve R&D Manager

Cloud Electronics Limited

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