The sustainable, carbon-neutral recorder.


pCorder® is the latest product from beginner musical instrument experts, pBone Music, formerly known as Warwick Music Group. The world’s first antimicrobial, fully recyclable and carbon-neutral recorder, pCorder® is a reimagining of the classic woodwind instrument. This latest collaboration with Optima comes after working on several projects for pBone Music, aligning with their goal to create instruments with sustainable and lightweight materials for learners of all ages.

For over 10 years, we have been working with pBone Music to create award-winning musical instruments.


Working with Chris Fower and the pBone Music Team, the aim was to create a recorder that was affordable and accessible but matched the quality of a high-end product. We undertook market research by reviewing recorders currently available from leading manufacturers, whilst also delving into the history of the instrument, enabling us to capture the essence of the recorder with a contemporary approach.

The important part of creating the recorder was maintaining the correct sound at the correct pitch. Another key feature was to maintain the baroque style of the recorder, which relies on not choking the bore at the bottom of the instrument by using a larger hole, producing a clearer sound.

After using CAD to create detailed prototype designs, we worked with Nigel Martin, a renowned recorder player and educator, to test our prototypes. We used his feedback to create various iterations until we were happy with the product, specifically the tone. Another key focus was creating an instrument that functioned correctly with an aesthetically pleasing design.


Precise airflow requirements were needed to create the perfect tone and with the density affecting the sound, accurate manufacturing was a must.

In keeping with pBone Music’s sustainability commitment to make the product carbon neutral, it was designed and produced in the UK and made from easily recyclable ABS plastic. To further lessen the carbon impact, both the moulder and toolmaker were UK-based.

The pCorder® was introduced, alongside the pBuzz®, in primary schools as part of the National Music Plan for Music Education in Wales. pBone Music is also part of a consortium that employs disabled and disadvantaged workers to manufacture carbon-neutral instruments, supplying over 50,000 beginner instruments to every Y3 child in Wales.

Services Used

Prototyping and Testing

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Rendering & Animation

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Engineering Design

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