Microlise ML30

Microlise are a Nottingham based company that provide global transport management and logistic solutions. Their range of products are delivered internationally to provide a comprehensive set of solutions to transport users, include vehicle tracking, vehicle utilisation , driver safety and operational cost reduction. Below is an image of the Microlise ML30.


At the heart of their system is the Microlise Tracking Unit (MTU) which was designed to provide information about the vehicle and its’ location. Optima have been supporting Microlise for over 15 years in various elements of their product development process, and were approached to help on this key strategic project.

ML30The solution is a plastic enclosure that can be used in a hostile environment, as the unit can be mounted externally on a vehicle. The rugged design and material selection combined with a highly specialised over-moulded connector delivered a neat, compact solution that was IP69 rated so it could be washed with a jetwash.

Microlise currently provide the final product to Wincanton, JCB, MAN,  The Co-operative Group and Tesco plus many other leading   UK and European companies, as part of their industry leading solutions package.

March 21, 2013 by Ian Cowlishaw