Security System Expander

Optima Design Services were engaged to develop casings for a range of new Wired Node Expanders for the i-On and Menvier series intruder alarms. The radio expanders for the i-onEX range of control units provide channels for up to 10 radio detectors in addition each radio-expander provides channels for: two radio keypads and two external radio sounders.

expander2 whiteback

The unit is housed within a tough ABS/PC plastic case which is finished in high gloss. It also has a built-in shrouded back tamper, for added security, and robust internal clips to hold a four relay output expander card. For installers the device has the great advantage of reducing the need to have extra stock in vans or warehouse SKU’s, as one product is able to cover all installations when expanding a system.

The housings are low profile and exhibit subtle family que’s which fit with other related products within the range. The casing were developed using 3D CAD, Wildfire 5 and Creo and were prototyped in SLA (Stereolithography) and SLS ( Selective Laser Sintering) proving both accuracy of fits and allowing for considered aesthetic and tamper assessment. The approach also allowed for performance testing prior to full tooling, to ensure compatibility with certification.expander1

May 7, 2015 by Steve Walker