Concept Development

The concept design and development process involves progressing initial sketches through to either a prototype stage or a position where resolved mechanical designs can be generated. This can be achieved through the further development of sketches, flat CAD, the generation of 3D CAD models, soft models or mechanical test rigs. Often a blend of all disciplines is utilised to ensure a visually and mechanically sound solution is realised.

Industrial Design | Product Design | Industrial Product Design

Optima’s dedicated design engineers can help develop and refine your ideas, instilling confidence that your desired result will be achieved. With our vast experience we can also advise on aesthetic elements, mechanical principles, electronic and mecha-tronic design, materials and manufacturing techniques. We boast a wide range of development partners and if we do not have a particular specialism in-house, we can most often find the right partner to assist in the development process.

Optima Product Development