Hydro-Flux Flowbright.®

Unique filtration powered LED pool light


Hydro-Flux have almost 80 years of experience in the swimming pool industry, designing and constructing swimming pools over the wider Yorkshire area. After installing and repairing countless swimming pool lights and having to deal with all the frustrations associated with the standard light design, they had an idea which they hope will revolutionise pool lighting. The resultant product – FlowBright® – a water powered LED swimming pool light, utilising their patented, high-flow, low resistance turbine technology to generate its own electrical requirements. FlowBright® eliminates the need for any additional equipment, complex installation and repairs, and ongoing electrical costs.


The concept behind FlowBright® is deceptively simple: When FlowBright® is installed in your pool, water returning from the filtration system passes through the assembly. The patented turbine technology then extracts and converts a percentage of the kinetic energy in the returning water into electrical energy. This energy is then utilised by the latest in high performance LED technology to illuminate the swimming pool. The water then flows through the directional exhaust at the bottom of the system. Attaching FlowBright® to the return inlet is very straightforward, as all common inlets use a ½” standard thread; simply screw it in and that’s all.


The patented electrical generation system is fully encapsulated in resin, meaning there is no danger of it coming into contact with the water. The self-powering device also means there is no risk of electrocution as the light is not connected to mains electrical supply. FlowBright® also protects the environment. Because it generates its own electricity it doesn’t rely on the mains electrical grid for its power; FlowBright® produces zero carbon emissions during its operational lifetime. That is why FlowBright® is the most environmentally friendly swimming pool light available on the market today.

Optima took the company’s initial concept sketches and worked with their Chief Design Engineer, Douglas Burnham, to take those original rudimentary ideas into a robust and manufacturable unit. Our expertise in Industrial Design and Injection Moulding ensured minimal changes were required when working with their UK based moulders. The design went through several iterations of testing with a fully prototyped assembly in order to test form, fit and most importantly function. Critical to the success of the product was the shape and configuration of the waterways to ensure that optimal-power was generated by the unit under variable flow conditions.

Services Used

Concept Development

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Engineering Design

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Product Rendering

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