Pressac Multisensor

Smart indoor air quality sensor


Pressac are a leading manufacturer of smart building sensor technology. Established in 1997, their mission is to continually create better, more efficient smart technology for their customers – What’s a more efficient way of monitoring air quality than to use one all encompassing IAQ sensor. Pressac wanted to consider the overall product design of the new device to maximise visual impact, whilst maintaining product functionality.


The ground breaking multi-sensor PCB monitors multiple variables in air quality. This complex PCB assembly requires multiple, varying apertures and grills to allow it to operate. The housing was designed to aesthetically avoid peaks on the PCB and create seamless openings where necessary. The tool has removable pins which allows 3 different versions of the product to be moulded depending on the variant and a mounting plate was designed to allow wall mounting with a breakout.


The new device will help organisations ensure their buildings meet required standards and keep staff and visitors safe and healthy.

The sensor, which is built around the company’s new multi-sensor technology, will measure levels of particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and carbon dioxide, as well as temperature and humidity.

Real-time data from the sensors can be sent to a local network or the cloud — via Ethernet, LTE (4G) or WiFi — using Pressacs smart gateway, which includes ready-made connections to MQTT, IBM Watson IoT, AWS loT Core, Microsoft IoT Hub, Google Sheets and Node-RED.

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