SMS Meer.


SMS Meer, part of the Int. SMS Group, is a world leader in plant construction and the mechanical engineering for the processing of steel and non-ferrous metals. It operates on a global scale and has over 3,000 employees.


Optima has worked with SMS Meer UK Ltd. on several projects helping to design steel manufacturing guides for use in mills around the world. These guides control the rolled material between one mill stand and the next, as the steel is reduced in size over the length of the mill. The high speed production capacity of modern mills means that the speed of the metal profiles can reach up to 120m/s. This poses significant design challenges in terms of the associated heat and stress. Optima’s design solution consisted of both cast and machined elements, that are engineered to very close tolerances ensuring accuracy and robustness across the guide’s service-life.

In addition to providing engineering design services, Optima also produced a sequence of high resolution animations. These have been used by the client as a promotional tool and to demonstrate how the guides operate in service.

“The guys from Optima have helped us on many projects over the last couple of years. The level of engineering expertise and skill levels in Creo has meant that we have reduced design time by approximately 200% on each project. Their Engineers have also brought their own expertise and knowledge to help us further develop our standard range of equipment.The fact that we can also use Optima to provide high end graphics and animations means we can have a single supplier solution with a team that we can use when required.”

Christian Amos

SMS Meer

Services Used

Engineering Design

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Product Rendering

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A detailed animation of the parts that make up a roller guide.

High resolution still from the video.

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