2D to 3D Conversion.

The creation of fully defined 3D models from flat CAD data or legacy engineering drawings.

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You may have been working with legacy 2D drawings and need to produce a robust and parametric 3D model. This could be for visualisation or animation, a product change, new tooling or for prototyping purposes. It can also allow for the  generation of  Multiview 3D line drawings for Patent application and Design Registration.

The generation of 3D part information can also be beneficial in analysis of parts for structural characteristic using FEA, the creation of technical files for CE or UKCA certification, or for the generation of assembly instructions, manuals or production jigs. We provide full 2D to 3D services where your design can readily be converted into the latest 3D modelling software, including Solidworks and Creo.

We can read a wide variety of digital 2D formats, or work from printed sheet, to produce you a fully realised and accurate 3D model of your part or assembly.

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