2016 – An innovative 20th year for Optima Design Services

We had a very busy 2016 dealing with a diverse range of products across multiple sectors. With the new year in full swing we thought it would be an ideal time to highlight a few of the great products we worked on, some of which are already successfully launched, others which are still in the detailed development phase.

Light Aircraft 


Optima’s services were sought in 2014 by Swift Aircraft in order to help in the design of an all-new light aircraft, the Swift. Due to the demanding nature of the development of highly advanced control surfaces and airframe structures, Optima were engaged to conduct specialised A-surface development. During 2016 Optima have been a principal resource in developing tool ready data to be transferred in mould and subsequent composite manufacturing. The process has involved close cooperation with external suppliers and the optimising of the design to make it manufacturing efficient. Detail development of the control mechanism is also underway, and will continue well into 2017.

Swift Aircraft’s Managing Director,David Stanbridge commented:

“Optima provided the ideal solution and have helped Swift get where we are today – one step closer to changing the shape of British aviation! Knowledgeable, dedicated and approachable; a team I would highly recommend”

To learn more please visit the dedicated case study here


Innovative Musical Teaching Aid


Following the universal success of the award-winning ‘pBone’ and ‘pTrumpet’ in 2014-5, the brand new ‘pBuzz’ is the latest from leading instrument supplier Warwick Music Group. Aimed at introducing kids to brass instruments, the pBuzz has a brightly coloured scale for easy playability and is a great way to introduce children to music.

This fun and unique instrument was partially developed in-house at Warwick Music Group. After several phases of prototyping and testing, Warwick Music Group approached Optima to finalise the design, provide tool ready engineering data and to supply tollereance drawings to ensure accurate transition into the production phase. The product was successfully launched in 2016 and has gained wide acclaim, especially from those dealing with primary education, picking up a number of awards for it’s unique playability and accessibility for all age groups.

Matt Pope, Director at Warwick Music Group, said:

“We’ve worked with Optima on a number of products since starting with pBone and we’ve developed a great working relationship. Our aim is to design and manufacture everything in the UK and working with local companies like Optima has enabled us to do this. Their expertise in injection moulding and eye for detail has ensured a smooth path to production.”

To learn more please visit the dedicated case study here

Rail Infrastructure Diagnostics

Optima have been involved in the development of a number of products and prototypes for Midlands based company Railvision UK. These have included Track and Infrastructure Diagnostics, Asset Evaluation and Rail Visual Inspection Systems. The products are highly innovative and, as such, specific details of each unit must be carefully protected for Intellectual Property purposes. It is however safe to say that the products will have significant impact on safety and reliability of track-based inspection in the UK and overseas, and will open up exciting export possibilities for a unique product, wholly designed and manufactured in the UK.

Optima have been a key partner in 2016, utilising advanced CAD assemblies and manufacturing techniques to solve a wide range of engineering and technical issues, whilst working within the exacting constraints of the rail infrastructure market. As it was the first time Optima had tackled a project of this nature it led to an appreciation of a new set of emerging technologies, which will go-on to inform decisions across future engineering projects.

To learn more about Railvision products please click here

Alongside the products highlighted above, we have also been busy developing concepts for a specialist hearing-aid company and photographic systems specialist, produced a wide range of renders for companies as diverse as Oil and Gas, Industrial Cabling, Transport Logistics and Consumer Electronics, and finalised product development for an international disposable products manufacturer. We have also had contact with a wide range of companies and individuals seeking specialist advice and development resources.

We very much look forward to a busy and productive 2017 and another year creating great solutions and products for our valued clients.

We hope all our clients past and present have a busy and successful 2017.

To discuss your idea’s or potential requirement for design and engineering resources, please feel free to call or email us on the details below, or use our dedicated feedback form by clicking here. We always welcome new enquiries and are happy to discuss how we can assist in your specific development needs.

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November 9, 2016 by Steve Walker