Induction Loop Enclosure Design

Ampetronic are world leaders in the design and manufacture of hearing loop systems. Their products are widely used used to help improve the clarity of sound in noisy environments for people with hearing aids. Optima were approached by Ampetronic to complete the development of the housings for a new Induction Loop Panel for installation in commercial and retail premises.


The plastic enclosure design had been taken to concept level, but required further development to take the product to manufacture. Considerations such as serviceability, sealing, cable routing and PCB mounting alongside moulding requirements were taken into account.

During the design process a number of prototypes were produced to check fit and function, and a final high-quality show prototype produced for use by marketing and sales teams.


Russell Simpson, Technical Director said “Our company has always had a reputation for technical excellence and we wanted our product to reflect this excellence in terms of product aesthetics. Working with the team at Optima we were able to produce a great looking unit that met all of our mechanical requirements. The success of this project has given us the confidence in working with Optima and we are now working on some exciting new products to add to our product portfolio”

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The final design is a low-profile with the intent of fitting comfortably within the majority of modern office and commercial spaces. It consists of injection moulded parts which were screwed together in a part sealed IP rated enclosure with anti-tamper fixings. It designed to be mounted close to an entry intercom or other devices where it could be connected to an audio source. The product was successfully launched in 2017 and sits within the companies counter systems range.



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October 17, 2017 by Steve Walker