Spyfish J1550


H2EYE Ltd had an idea for the Spyfish System, an STV (submarine Television Vehicle) intended for leisure use, and called on Optima to supply design and engineering services to assist in its development.

Spyfish STV, a robust and portable submersible,  is equipped with two cameras, floodlights and a rechargeable lithium-ion power pack that enable it to dive to depths of 150 metres and transmit high quality video images back to the surface, in real-time.

Three separate thrusters and its hydrodynamic form make the Spyfish agile and easy to manoeuvre using the one-handed wireless handset controller. The handset also operates the on-board cameras and lights and in case of accident – it’s waterproof and will float on the surface.

The robust and portable submersible is connected to the display screen on the surface by a slender, 150m cable that can be remotely detached in case of a ‘snag’, after which the Spyfish STV returns to the surface automatically.

To see the Spyfish J1550 STV in action on YouTube please Click Here


February 21, 2013 by Ian Cowlishaw