Analysis – FEA

Finite Element Analysis can be an effective way to digitally prototype your designs, providing significant reduction in development time and cost. Optima have undertaken many complex FEA projects exploring the effects of stress, deflection, temperature and material properties. By using FEA, Optima can provide you with a fast and accurate comprehension of how your design performs and how you can maximize its performance.

Analysis - FEA | FEA Analysis

Utilising this type of analysis can be used in the design process to ensure your product is fit for purpose and reduce the expense of costly prototypes. It can also be used to correlate physical data or improve failing designs.

Optima Engineering DesignExamples of the analysis we have undertaken include large fabricated assemblies e.g. cranes, excavation equipment, test rigs; plastics parts and assemblies e.g. bottles, pallets, mobile telephones.