Loadhog Pallet Lid

Loadhog is a UK manufacturing company specialising in products that solve handling and logistics problems within the supply chain for a wide range of industries.

loadhog 1

One area the company wanted to innovate in was pallet lids. Traditionally, loads on pallets were wrapped in film, capped with plywood and bound using disposable strapping, all of which ends up being thrown away. It’s solution was to create a reusable means of securing a load to a pallet and it asked Optima to help it to achieve this.

The Optima design team created a robust plastic injection moulded lid incorporating retractable straps with an integrated tensioning mechanism, allowing fast and waste free pallet security. This revolutionary lid can also be made in various sizes, bespoke to the customer’s needs.

loadhog 2

The Loadhog Lid can be provided with branded straps, is waterproof, nestable when empty and can be used with security seals for tamper evidencing.

Benefits of the Loadhog Pallet Lid include:

loadhog 3

  • No one trip packaging
  • Unrivalled pallet stability and security
  • 2 minutes labour saving per pallet on application
  • Dedicated platform for secure double stacking

Please Click Here for a product features and description.

February 21, 2013 by Ian Cowlishaw