Optima Strum Tutor

Learning the guitar just got easier

The Optima Guitar Strum Tutor is a revolutionary guitar tool that teaches you one of the hardest part of learning the guitar – getting the rhythm. The Strum tutor isn’t just for beginners that need to find their rhythm, it’s for anyone! You can create your own “Strum Patterns”, which you can easily send to your friends so that they can import them into the Strum Tutor! The Strum Patterns are user created tracks, which are put together by using a series of chords and strum directions (which you drag onto the screen).

It’s easy to use and great fun to upload your own compositions to share with other users. Why not start by learning tracks by your favourite band…Check out our dedicated website here for the most recent uploads and don’t forget to like us on Facebook for updates and new content.



The application has a lot more to offer including free strumming options- with some great tools included!

Includes, free to try version of the 5 star rated fully chromatic real-time Optima Guitar Tuner which can be unlocked* to ensure your guitar remains sounding pitch perfect, throughout all your Strum Tutoring.

Available to Download from the AppStore Now!!!

Optima Guitar Strum TutorOptima Guitar Strum tutor 1Optima STRUM TUTOR 3TOPTIMA TUNER 1

– Available on iPad, iPhone, iPod and iPod touch.

– Up/Down strum notation on a unique scrolling, tempo driven bar system.

– Create your own custom strumming patterns

– Basic strum patterns included and 4 free slots to save user defined strums.

– Advanced drag and drop interface.

– Custom chord* and plucking composer.

– Endless strum patterns* which can be user created, or downloaded from the online strum pattern resource.

– Fun, Free strum option with on screen guitar strings and chords.

* Additional fee may apply to unlock certain features.

April 24, 2013 by Steve Walker