Weeks Station Master

The University of Liverpool (UoL) approached Optima with a problem surrounding the delivery of babies. When a baby is born the position of the head in the delivery channel is difficult to determine and not always accurate.

WEEKS STATION MASTERThe simple solution designed by the Optima team is accurate and simple to use. At the first internal examination, the device is calibrated by placing the tip within the pelvis and sliding the outer part of the gauge until the marker is at the posterior fourchette. The device is then fixed into this position and rotated so that the tip just touches the leading part of the fetal head. An accurate reading can now be taken using the indicators on the device.


Future examinations no longer require calibration as long as the setting is known from the previous examination, even if this was in a previous pregnancy. Further measurements require very little intervention as they only require the Station Master to be placed as far as the fetal head.

Having completed the design of the device, Optima supplied 2,000 units for clinical trials together with fully sterilised packaging.

On the inner aspect of the device is an amniotomy hook that can be used for rupturing the amniotic membranes if required.

For further details please visit the link below which will take you to the University of Liverpool dedicated site.


February 21, 2013 by Ian Cowlishaw